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September 7, 2012

Project 52 | FESTIVE


Love is:


This weekend we were honored to celebrate my in-laws, Mama Eva & Papa Cuco, and their 50 years of marriage. Everything was beautiful. Family came from all around, the sun was setting and the family was talking and laughing and catching up… the kids would run through like a swarm of bees, the food was being prepared and in a regal procession entered the mariachis. To me nothing says festive like mariachis. It is literally music to my ears. I chose to have them play at my wedding, and every time I hear them I remember the day we said our vows. In Omar’s family, having a mariachi band come and serenade is a very special thing, marking all of the memorable and festive events. This was definitely one of those times. The next day I was talking with Eva about the party, and I asked her what her favorite part was. She said that at one point all of the kids and their kids were dancing and laughing together, and her brother leaned over and said, “can you believe this is all yours?”… and she felt so much love and gratitude in her heart for that one day that was the representation of the last 50 years. 5o years of the greatest joys and hardest times that our generation will never know. 50 years of rearing children, because really, it is a job that is never done. 50 years of hard, back-breaking work. 50 years of dedication. 

Love is festive, celebrating those we love.

And in true Guzman fashion, any reason is a great reason to party!


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