Project 52 | LIQUID


Love is:


It is fluid… moving and rolling and filling up the empty places.  Liquid is surprisingly powerful.  It  has the power to go into areas nothing else can touch. Love, like water will wear down every hard place in its path… expanding the shoreline… corroding the rocky barriers.  Love, like water is a raw element that we cannot live without.  Love, like water that isn’t moving or being replenished can become stale and toxic and evaporate.  Loving others and being loved in return is important.  It isn’t always easy to love others, especially when they hurt us with their hard, sharp edges.  But make no mistake that it is this liquid power of love that will soften those edges in time, and wear down the barriers.  Love is liquid… changing shape but not its pure elemental form.  It is the turbulence beneath the surface that creates the waves, but that is when love is able to show its strength.  Knowing how to show our love, especially in the hard times is where the transformation takes place, in others and especially in ourselves.  After all, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor:)


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4 Comments to “Project 52 | LIQUID”

  1. I love this analogy; the comparison of love to water. The truth of your message is painted perfectly with your words.

  2. What other substance can make something as beautiful and stunning as the Grand Canyon? Love makes ordinary things into something breathtaking

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