Project 52 | A HIKE



Love is:




It’s a climb, you can be sure. An adventurous, scenic, sweaty, ball-busting workout. Sometimes the pace is easy and at others it’s enough to put one foot in front of the other to keep going in the right direction. Every hard-earned step represents a challenge overcome, a season walked through, a new level of understanding and authority. It can be awesomely difficult to get to the top… But the views from there are priceless. Unattainable from the lower elevations, but a privilege for those who make the sacrifice. Love is a hike… Come what may, thick and thin… for better or worse. Im so grateful for this hike that never really ends… for this incredible journey with my loves.


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2 Comments to “Project 52 | A HIKE”

  1. What a great pic! & yay for using “ball busting” on your blog! Hehehe. Love it!

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