Project 52 | NURTURED


Love is:


Planting a garden in this extremely hot weather, with an over-eager toddler has required a lot of patience.  These poor flowers have no idea what fate has come to them.  They have been over-watered, dug up, replanted, relentlessly picked petal by pitiful petal… all the while wilting under this heat wave, and being trampled by several plastic horses.  I set up a make-shift shelter for the poor plants.  I lock the toddler inside, never leaving him unattended with the flowers.  At night, after he is lovingly tucked in bed I go out and tend to the plants, making sure to do what I can to help them make it through to the next day.  Love is kind of like that.  It tends to take a beating.  Some days are harder than others, and the nurture it requires differs according to the circumstances.  We have to tend it well, often, intentionally.  We have to protect our love from the elements.  It takes time and patience and diligence.  Love needs to be nurtured, or like the baby flowers, it will wither under the pressures and tortures of the outside.  I can see these poor withered plants surviving the next several days and weeks, and responding to my careful nurture.  I can see them in all their beauty, and I can see myself so proud and fulfilled by that intentional care.  I hope that for my relationships and the love I give to others.  I hope I take care and nurture the love in my life so others will grow into their beauty, with roots that go down deep and an ability to weather the elements.  


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3 Comments to “Project 52 | NURTURED”

  1. Perfect metaphor. I’m sure those baby flowers will bloom into something beautiful at the end of the season

  2. I have always called you my personal cheerleader, but as I read this, I see how carefully you have been nurturing the love between us. You are such a special flower in God’s garden.

  3. What true, thoughtful & beautiful words. I treasure your words today & I can only begin to imagine how much your boys are going to treasure your words in the future.

    & I love the pots & flowers & the green chair & the picture & the light & the boy. Love that boy.

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