Project 52 | FREE


Love is:


…and after this week, free is amazing.  It goes beyond being freely given and freely received, it is free of constraints, free of judgement, jealousy, and ill will.  Free of expectations, or the expectation to be given back to the giver.  There is freedom in love, to be who you are and know there is nothing you can do to lose it.  That is true love.  That is God’s love moving through.  Love is free and free to pass on… and with the very little resolve I have after such a crazy, endorphin-less week, I plan to focus on giving some free love.  Beyond what I think I have left in my tank.  I never want to take the love I have been given for granted.  

Freely you have received; freely give. 

Matthew 10:8


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3 Comments to “Project 52 | FREE”

  1. So true & so beautiful. I recognized those profiles immediately!

  2. This photo is beautiful!

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