Project 52 | LOYAL


Love is:


She really is the best friend anyone could have… why she loves us so much is beyond me.  We forget her out in the rain.  She eats after everyone else is fed.  She doesn’t get brushed nearly often enough, and never comes in the house.  But when this little guy wants someone to play with, or one of us needs a companion, she is ALWAYS there.  Unashamed happiness from her giant smile to her wagging backside, just to be a part of what is going on.  She is a loyal friend, sister, confidant, playmate and exercise partner.  We love her, but I know she loves us in a way only a dog can.  Loyally and consistently no matter what we do (or don’t do) for her.  Love is a furry four-legged creature that you can always count on… and my only other ally in this house of boys:)


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2 Comments to “Project 52 | LOYAL”

  1. Amazing picture! Full of color and life_

  2. Well said Aunty Viv! Puppies are the best!

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