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Love is:


It’s only t-ball but you would think it were the major leagues… All of this love and more at every game.  I could always picture my little men one day going off and participating in their own activities, working for their own causes, letting them go so they can be men and do what God has created them to.  Right now it is little league, but on a very small scale it feels the same.  I suit him up… prepare him and make sure he is well fed… check that he has all of his gear.  I give him one last kiss and tell him “have a great game.”  He drops my hand and runs out to the field, joins his team and I am a mere spectator- sidelined for the time being while he does his thing.  I feel a swell of pride with an undercurrent of sadness as little by little my baby grows up and tries out his wings.  But I am not alone, my village is here… supporting the boy, and unaware that they are supporting me too.  Love is supportive.  It is the wild crowd on the sidelines- eating pistachios, laughing and cheering, talking and enjoying another aspect of being there for each other.  Love doesn’t care that the bat is bigger than the player, or that the player is in outfield daydreaming about other things… Love shows up anyway, every time.  


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2 Comments to “Project 52 | SUPPORTIVE”

  1. Something about the sun, the expressions, Gabe and, oh yeah, your beautiful words just makes my heart full. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

  2. That is so true about love. Such nice words.

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