Project 52 | MEDICINE


Love is:


Heart medicine. Love in sickness as well as in health. This is what we did this week… loved each other back to health. It was a rough week (I’ll spare you the details) but nothing else matters when the babies aren’t well. Poor Omar has been scrounging everyday for towels & a clean pair of underwear. My mom and dad wore out the pavement on the backroads from our house to theirs. I washed bedding. And bedding. And more bedding. And I cried because Lucas missed his starstruck performance. Ya, you heard that right… they are the poor babes wracked by a terrible virus and I’m the one feeling sorry for myself! At one point, after days of this “shut-in-ness” and not enough vitamin D or showering, Luke began asking relentlessly to play Candy Land for the gagillionth time. I took a deep breath and instead of biting his head off (like I felt like doing,) gave him the run down of the next hour… that I was going to SHOWER, SHAVE, BRUSH MY TEETH, PUT EVAN TO NAP, EAT MY LUNCH, and then we would play as much Candy Land as he wanted to. He says, “OK Momma, turn on that shower, put toothpaste on your toothbrush, put it in your mouth, and LET IT RIP!” Oh boy, this boy… he has the ability to push me to my very last limit. And just when I think I can’t do another day of this (again, poor me, THEY are sick) he snuggles into me, hugs me and kisses me and tells me that he’s so grateful he’s not alone. That I take such good care of him. That when I hold him he feels better. Love is the best medicine. Holding each other through the scariness of being sick. 144 hours (& counting) of uninterrupted time at home, bonding with my guys. Kicking butt at Candy Land. Giving up what doesn’t matter, for what truly does. Love is the heart medicine that has gotten us through.


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3 Comments to “Project 52 | MEDICINE”

  1. Man he’s an old (extra sweet) soul. Love the composition of the pic.

  2. this made me smile….not that you were all sick…but that you are such a wonderful mommy. 🙂

  3. You are such a great mom, especially since you were able to keep your cool! Hope this weekend and next week are better!

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