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Love is:


I get very distracted by sunsets.  I have to stop and watch and try my best to capture it on the camera.  (To the major exasperation of my loving father, I took the above sunset pic while driving down Hwy 5 in Friday traffic… eeek! and yay… I got it!) I can’t help myself!  Really it is Mom & Dad’s fault I love nature and especially sunsets so much.  When I was growing up they were always stopping to point out God’s amazing beauty in the sunsets, the powerful surf of the sea, the refreshing, cleansing rain.  One night they woke my brother and I up at some crazy hour to witness an electrical storm.  The four of us huddled on the front porch to see lightning flash, and count the seconds until thunder boomed.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  I will never forget that night, and somehow all of the times they pulled me aside to point out the natural world around me became engrained in the fabric of my life.  It changed my perspective from someone who lived, to someone who lived in God’s amazing creation, to someone who should take responsibility for how I treat and respond to nature.  In 2003 my perspective took a tailspin.  The words “your son is blind, he will never see again” hit me so hard that for a second, I couldn’t see… I couldn’t hear anything but the blood pumping through my head.  My response to the well meaning doctor was something like “you have to be kidding me… you’re lying… how will he ever see a sunset?”  In the early days of Gabe’s life there were many things we had to grieve.  Though we had a beautiful son the doctors projected that he would probably not walk or talk… he was headed for a lifetime of surgeries.  But nothing hit me as hard as the physical loss of his eyesight.  I would pack my little man into the Baby Bjorn and walk the two blocks from our house to a little hill where we could watch the sun set, and transform the sky into a mosaic of color.  I would watch him for any sign that he could see the beauty, and every time lay down that desire once again.  He didn’t see it… and he wouldn’t see it.  But I kept taking him out there, and one day my perspective once again changed forever.  As the sun was setting I held my now two-year-old in my arms and I just hugged him and watched…  as the warmth of the sun washed over us, I could feel his body melt into mine.  I realized then that he saw the sunset… not with eyes, but with every other sense.  He felt the warm sun cool as it dipped below the horizon.  He smelled dusk, which until then I didn’t know had it’s own refreshing, musky scent.  He chuckled from deep within as the breeze picked up and ruffled his curly, wispy hair.  He saw the sunset with his whole body, and what I was grieving in his blindness, God was rejoicing in;  in this special son who saw the sunset in a much more profound way than we could imagine.  This was the beginning of a life of changing perspective.  Loving Gabe has changed my perspective.  Life continues to hold a deeper meaning thanks to “seeing” through Gabe’s eyes.  


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5 Comments to “Project 52 | PERSPECTIVE”

  1. Truth and beauty! Your words move me so deeply.

  2. Thank you! You and Gabe have changed my perspective in these last four years! Its amazing to see the world through his eyes…. Such beauty!!

  3. Tears, heck ya. You make me realize we take all of our other senses for granted. Reading this, I could smell dusk coming on and feel the difference in the changing temperature. Thanks for the insight and the reminder to be thankful for everything. Love you guys.

  4. I’m in tears! You have such an amazing spirit!

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