Love is:


 Love does not travel alone…when love shows up, so do joy and peace and grace. When love shows up, fear finds the door.

~Margaret Feinberg

As far as gushy moms go, I think I’m the gushyest.  When it comes to my kids I can’t help myself.  I hug and kiss and hold and snuggle and tell them I love them as often as I can.  I do it because that is what’s in my heart and because I feel like it.  They, on the other hand wipe off my slobbery kisses and generally get embarrassed when I gush in front of others.  The other day I asked Lucas (for the 80 millionth time) if he knew that I loved him.  Slightly exasperated he says, “yes, mom, I know… In fact probly all the WHOLE world knows.”  Little stinker is “probly” correct.  And that is ok with me because when it has to count, I don’t want him to question it.  When it feels like that whole world is against him I want him to feel my love and know without a doubt that he can count on it.  I hope that all the times I chose to invest intentionally into his emotional well-being will someday become a foundation he can stand secure on… that he can find refuge in the security of being loved. I hope that for all of my relationships but especially for my boys.  It is a gift my parents gave me that I don’t take for granted.  It is the love and desire God has for us, a gift best shared with others to fully articulate its scope and depth and breadth.  There is no other gift as critical or life-sustaining or foundational in this ever-changing life.  


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6 Comments to “Project 52 | FOUNDATIONAL”

  1. I remember Christy’s piece of advice to Lindsey at Jackson’s baby shower was to “hug & kiss & tell him you love him at every chance you get”… “probly” one of the core reasons that you two are BFF… I was in the very early stages of pregnancy with Kiera that day & that sage advice was branded to my heart from that day forward… & I must say that it’s been pretty easy to put into practice! Your boys are so lucky & I’m sure that they all know in their little hearts that they will always be able to count on you. Lucas’ eyes are stunning… what a little handsome stinker!

  2. Love this…”the whole world knows”….one of the biggest compliments ever :).

  3. Your words not only make my heart sing, but there is an echo to my thoughts. Yesterday, as I was walking to class, I was thinking, here I am at 56 years of age and back in school! Why didn’t I do this sooner, or when I was younger. The voice in my head said, very loud and clear, “you were meant to be a Mom.” The words brought a smile to my face and affirmation to my heart! I love being a Mom, and while I know it would have been possible to do many other things at the same time (when you and Matt were young), I felt led to be “just” a mom. I know that there are many other pieces to who I am, but child of God, wife and mother have always filled my bucket to the brim! It makes me feel abundantly blessed to see you and your brother reveling in this parental relationship also!
    Also, I want this pic of Lucas!!! 🙂

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