Project 52 | BLOSSOMING


Love is:


…as it does every season.  But to get beautiful blossoms is to endure the other seasons as well… the bare winter, the painful pruning, the constant and consistent care and attention to detail.  It is patience during growth, joy and gratitude and diligent, timely work in the harvest.  And it is realizing the beauty of the sweet blossom, before it is too late.  Enjoying the blossoming stage of love is a sweet window of time that passes much quicker than the other seasons.  We need to slow our pace and soak it up, and not take those moments in time for granted.


I am so grateful for those of you who take the time to read these pages.  This is a project directed towards my boys, things I hope they come to realize as they grow up.  I don’t mean to come across as a know it all, but from the outside I know it may seem that way:)  Lots of love, and thanks for your kind words and encouragement.


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3 Comments to “Project 52 | BLOSSOMING”

  1. Gorgeous!! I love, love, love the picture, the beauty, the soft lighting & even that little green bud hidden amongst the bloosoms. Your words are filled with love & wisdom — you don’t at all sound like a know it all (so go ahead and cross that off of your “to fret about” list). I want to frame it & hang it in our entry way. Can I buy it off of your website?

  2. I love your words, your wisdom and mostly – I love you!!!!

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