Project 52 | TEAMWORK


Love is:


I could have said love is work, and left it at that.  But as our little family grows it is vital to remember we are working as a team.  We HAVE to stick together… if we don’t, days fall apart.  Weeks fly by that we wish we could do over, and we miss important stuff.  An incredible friend of mine once told me that in a marriage, especially when kids come along, each person needs to give 100% of themselves.  There is nothing but gaps and loopholes and growing resentment when things are 50/50.  I am so thankful for my team this week.  I’m humbled that even when I can’t give 100% I have a partner who picks up the slack without me asking, and kids that pitch in, in their own little ways.  Love works together that way.  Like a team who cares about the outcome… players who are proud of the team they are on, and are dedicated to each other.  Love is teamwork, and I LOVE my team.


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2 Comments to “Project 52 | TEAMWORK”

  1. You have an amazing team, full of fun and willing to work together!

  2. I love it & might use some of these words in a wedding toast in a couple months! (hope that’s ok with you??)… & is that Lucas playing baseball??

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