Project 52 | KIND


Love is:


Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

~Mark Twain

Kindness finds its power in the little things, the small act of going out of one’s way for another. It may not seem like a big deal, but it rarely goes unnoticed.  As a mom  I notice the interactions my kids have with others, especially adults.  I notice the time spent with these little ones, whether it is a sweet hug or just asking them about their day.  I notice when people talk “to” my Gabe, not just about him.  I know when the kids have been loved on.  It melts my heart to see the look in their eyes when someone has been kind to them.  I tend to make a HUGE deal out of it, pointing out that “so-and-so was so KIND to ask about school… did it fill your bucket?” …and try and guide them in some way to do something kind for someone else.  Why? Because that is how we were taught. Spread the love.  Kindness crosses every barrier be it language, cultural, gender, religious, developmental, or generational. Kindness is universal, it knows no social status. Kindness is love’s tangible means of reaching and touching others.  Kindness is love in action.  


I would like to write a little note of gratitude to our family and friends, coworkers, teachers, acquaintances, neighbors, etc., and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for loving Gabe.  His birthday is approaching and as with the other boys, a movie reel of his life plays in my head.  I was GREATLY moved by the moments that flashed by, reminding me of the love each one of you have shown our little man.  I remember them all, and see them so very clearly.  When Gabe was born none of us knew what to expect with regards to his health, life, well-being.  God has asked us to roll with it, whatever the outcome or how difficult it might be.  You have rolled with it too.  You have shored us up, braced us with your love… become uncomfortable to make us comfortable.  You have stuck this journey out with us, and made Gabe just one of the kids.  You have no idea what you have done to bless our lives.  Words cannot express the deep gratitude in my heart, so “thank you” will have to be enough.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for being love to us. 


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5 Comments to “Project 52 | KIND”

  1. You melt my heart, bring tears to my eyes and “fill my bucket” with your words!

  2. What beautiful thoughts you have shared with all of us today, and every time you write. You help us to see how a little can mean a lot and make us want to offer up more, which can only be a blessing for all. Love to you all.

  3. Gaaaaaaaaaah… I am working at a Starbucks right now & in tears. If I have any on-lookers they probably don’t realize they are tears of joy. All choked up. Your words & the image are amazing & your bucket is overflowing into mine. Gabe has opened my eyes to so much in life that I don’t think I otherwise would’ve known about or noticed or thought about or talked about. He is a blessing & we THANK YOU for letting Mike, Kiera (you know through her drooly babbling & love taps on Gabe’s head) & I love on him.

    & thank you for sharing tidbits about your motherhood style, “I tend to make a HUGE deal out of it, pointing out that “so-and-so was so KIND to ask about school… did it fill your bucket?”” — I make mental notes & hope to incorporate your words & style into my own motherhood.

  4. I love this whole family they have an amazing soul and am very fortunate to be a small part of there world Gabe teacches others more then others teach him he is by far my favorite teacher in life

  5. I love you guys… thank you for reading, and loving, and caring, and… I could go on and on:) xoxoxoxoxo

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