Project 52 | GROWING


Love is:


Birthdays are a time very conducive to reflection.  This week I celebrate my dear husband, best friend and most understanding confidant.  I admire the person God has created in him, and regret that there aren’t sufficient words to put to the feelings in my heart toward him.  Over the incredible years we have had together, there has been no lack of growth…growing older, growing as a family, growing in love.  A bond that continues to grow, come joy or come trial (and there have been many of both.)  Growing in faith, trust, respect.  Growing as individuals.  Growing into the commitment we made to marriage, into our roles as husband and wife and leaders of this little family.  It is an honor to grow beside someone so strong and nurturing; a place where joy and light and love in every form abound, even in the darkest, most trying times.  (And if that cake isn’t followed by a run or two, more growing!  LOL)

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4 Comments to “Project 52 | GROWING”

  1. Love it! I am so grateful that you two have each other & that the boys have you both as the “leaders of [their] little family.” You are so blessed. Happy Friday!

  2. I love your words about love and growth, especially as it refers to you and Omar. I love that you enjoy such a mature relationship and are still able to have so much fun! May God continue to bless you, Omar and the boys.

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