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January 27, 2012

Project 52 | DELICIOUS


Love is:


Love in its most sweet and delicious form.  It is the hugs and kisses all day… holding the “babies” no matter how old they think they are… inhaling the sweet, clean, baby shampoo smell at night… pulling their warm little bodies into bed for a snuggle before the rush of the day takes over.  I. Love. These. Kids.  I can’t get over it, and they will never understand how much I love them and crave to be with them.  I feel like loving them is a sweet indulgence.  There are days when I call my momma, thinking I need a break… and the second they are gone or dropped off my heart drops a little too.  (Don’t get me wrong, I take full advantage of my time alone!)  But it is always a sweet reunion.  With TONS of those chubby cheeky kisses, nuzzles, hugs and laughs.  

*It was a full work week for me.  Evan got paid in donuts (just 5 more minutes!) … and he shoved them in whole.  THAT is delicious! 

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January 20, 2012

Project 52 | HANDED-DOWN


Love is:


Daddy’s hair…

Brother’s boots…

(Mommy’s thighs… heeheehee)

Another person’s words of wisdom, guidance, advice, desires for your life.  They may not always fit right away… hand-me-down’s are like that.  Sometimes they are the wrong season, or wrong for you all together, but rarely given without love and good intentions.  Usually in time you will make use of the tangible and heartfelt gifts you are given from someone who has diligently walked the road before you.  And then it is your privilege to hand the love down.  …or a great head of hair… some cool boots… a pair of chubby thighs…;)  

January 13, 2012



Love is:


Hubba hubba.  When I thought about what image might accompany the theme for this week, I couldn’t pass this looker up.  Sophistication usually makes me think of fashion, or a certain look a person creates.  But sophisticated really just means “complex.”  We are all sophisticated people, complex by nature.  Loving another person the way they deserve is multifaceted, and requires a little more attention to detail.  It is taking the time to get to know them on every level, and loving them when and where they need it most.  And if they look this good, it is just a bonus:)

January 6, 2012

Project 52 | PATIENT


Love is:


It’s giving brother time to read, even though he reads numbers, where there are only letters.  It is allowing someone to GROW on their own, rather than push them with what you already know.  This is challenging to us know-it-all types, but an important aspect of love.  So love patiently, my little one, and I will too… your life and future mean too much to me to mess this one up.  Be who you are in God’s timing, and give that gift to others.  You will never be sorry you did:)