MY Friday 5

Last week came and went (in a crazy, bulldozing, whiplashing, huh? kind of way… you know, like normal).  I totally missed my post last week and I didn’t think anything of it.  OOPS!  I’m venturing out on my own and writing about the topic that has brought me awesome days and sleepless nights.  This five-year-old has taken me on a ride over the last couple of months.  He is amazing and talented and brilliant, and he has found some very independent wings to fly with, hidden in his cubby at school.  I get sappy and sad to think of how fast he is growing up, (not needing me), and yet I couldn’t be prouder.  I think he is noticing a change in himself as well, because lately every boundary is pushed… every motive questioned…every passion unleashed for every little thing.  In my mind I know that he will not grow all the way up overnight, but many days it feels that way.  I thank God for each moment of five-year-old sunshine I get to bask in, not taking advantage of our time in this season.  I leave the stickers on a while longer… you know, the ones I got for being a good mommy?  LOL  I try to be intentional and listen closer… hug tighter… cherish deeper… see clearer.  I put the phone away and turn off the computer for hours at a time.  I put the chores aside, or ask if we can do them together.  It takes time to be intentional.  Sometimes I mess up with the boy.  Sometimes I miss my weekly writing assignment.  A lot of times the house stays messy.  But my baby needs me and I need time, so that has to be ok.  Is there something or someone that has been fighting for your attention lately?  If something’s got to give, what is that something?  Have a FABULOUS Friday, and remember there is someone on your journey that loves you enough to set life aside… In fact, He GAVE his life.  Isn’t that awesome? xxoxoxoxo


One Comment to “MY Friday 5”

  1. Such truth in your words. I was feeling conflicted yesterday. Dad and I had set Fridays aside to do something together each week. Last Friday, I kind of short-changed him so I could continue to work ahead on my homework. When we started discussing what we were going to do this Friday, I was thinking….do I really have the time to do this? So much homework, due Tuesday. Feeling a bit stressed. I am so glad I decided to put that aside and just enjoy the day! We had a great time exploring Apple Hill. Thanks for the affirmation!

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