The Friday Five- …is AMAZING

Here's a pic of someone who happens to find every little thing amazing:)

Experiencing a tropical storm in Hawaii is pretty amazing.  The way it leaves as fast as it came, the way the palm trees can bend and sway and not snap like they seem like they should, the way I kept waiting to feel cold, but never did… Totally amazing.

Finding a toddler in a three-foot square puddle of syrup, while he tries desperately to get it off his hands by rubbing it in his hair… now that’s amazing.  Several hours later and still finding sticky spots on the floor, not so amazing! LOL

Hearing from officials and dignitaries from around the globe how they are investing their lives to make a dent in the issue of systemic poverty is inspiring… and amazing!

Being told that you have a family member you never knew existed is amazing enough… realizing that you have an instant, immense, possessive love for that person you have never met and only just found out about is TRULY AMAZING.

And finally… simply put, but DEEPLY felt- My parents are amazing.

Enjoy your weekend, spread the love, and think about those things in your life that amaze and inspire you… it really puts everything else in perspective!


One Comment to “The Friday Five- …is AMAZING”

  1. I love how you put into words the magic that is life!

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