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September 24, 2011

The Friday Five

Here’s to a new little series.  I’m joining other people in the Friday Five.  Today’s question, “what are five things that you are grateful for this week?”  JUST FIVE???  This is better late than never, I am wrapping up a very busy week with my babies.  Interesting week, but lots to be grateful for.

1. Though it is difficult, I am thankful for what a big boy my baby is… and it seemed to happen over night.  He is very independent and he is expressing himself as well, with an ever-increasing vocabulary punctuated with the cutest lisp you have ever heard.  For example, he hits his head… rubs it, and says “outh” instead of ouch… heeeeeheeeeheeee soooooo cute, right???  He wakes us up with kisses (or “kithes” as he calls them:) and i am smitten.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by such vivacious life, constantly pulling me out of myself and my selfish ways.

2.  I am thankful for the time in each day to do what makes me happy.   I have coffee with my hubby every morning, dinner with my babies every night, clean in paces and strides (and often in pj’s)… and I still have time at the end of the day to pursue my passions.  I am basking in this season of my life.  Not every day is glowy and bright, but thats ok too.  I treasure it all.

3.  I’m thankful that my family is coming to town this weekend.  I love them, and it seems like it has been too long since we got to visit.

4.  I am thankful for my current read, Scouting the Divine by Margaret Feinberg (and for my best friend for the recommendation:)  Sometimes we just need to get in touch with God on a very basic level, and be inspired through other people.  This is a wonderful book and appeals to my curious, always-wanting-to-learn-new-things personality.

5.  I know I am crazy, but I am grateful for the last few days of summer.  So the 100* weather is a little much, but as soon as fall hits, so do the holidays, then my baby is two, then Gabe is in high school, then Luke meets the woman of his dreams and marries her, our house empties, Omar’s retiring, and this life just goes by way too fast.  So yes, I will be grateful for the extended summer.

So these are five of the five thousand things that bless me, especially this week.  What are you grateful for today?  I pray you have a quiet moment to reflect and think about the things that make you feel glowy and smily and blessed.  xxoxoxo

September 15, 2011

Joyful Work-a-holics

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