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March 26, 2011

Clean Doesn’t Compare

Oh the joy I’ve experienced knowing this has stayed clean for the past five days…

…and this…

…and this…

…doesn’t compare to how much I’ve missed this…

…and this…

…and this…

And especially this…



…and finally this…

March 20, 2011

Tooth Fairy, save your pennies.

It is early. Dark. The house is at total peace because nothing with great amounts of testosterone has arisen from slumber yet. I’m enjoying a quiet moment with my coffee and the sound of the rain when I hear the pitter patter of not so tiny, but rather chunky flat-footed steps barreling awkwardly and half asleep through the house.

My mighty-might is awake and already activated his “go” switch.

I hear him talking to Gabe, moving Gabe’s bedding around… the sound of the step-ladder being drug across tile at such an obnoxious time in the morning grabs my undivided attention.  “Lucas, what are you looking for?”  Like a needle in a haystack, Gabe’s recently lost tooth falls from its hiding place in the covers, and Luke’s face falls with it.  Apparently, (unbeknownst to me AND the tooth fairy) Lucas saw to it that Gabe’s tooth made it under the pillow before bedtime.  OOPS!  You can imagine his disappointment and my scrambling to preserve his innocence, all the while daddy sleeps peacefully undisturbed:)  But the little do-er that he is, he climbs down from Gabe’s bed, thunders through the house, gathers the materials and sits down to set the fairy straight. 

Dear Tooth Fairy,

 Here is Gabe’s tooth. 

He doesn’t want money, because he could choke on it.  He doesn’t know how to spend it.  He doesn’t want a helicopter, because that is what I want when I lose MY tooth.  Please leave a toy music box under Gabe’s pillow.



And you better believe that after such a thoughtful suggestion, Gabe will wake up to a music box under his pillow.  The tooth fairy can take that as a lesson learned, and save her pennies… I have a feeling that when it’s Mighty-might’s turn, she’s going to need them!

March 19, 2011

The latest from Luke…

It has been an especially funny and intense week with the little man.  Current events usually impact his ideas, thoughts, dreams, play, questions, etc., and this makes for one speechless momma.  Current events are as follows:  Baby Girl (cousin) being born, beach house vacation, Uncle Bill visits, Papa working and living with GG for the week, Brianne’s impending birthday, Gabe loses tooth, poor Lucas has stomach bug, Easter planning, Kindergarten registration and Baby Jackson food pics.  All of this (and more, I’m sure) translates to the following:

-Calling Uncle Bill a pickle-head to his face, with teenager ferocity.

-“Mom, when I get bigger I’m going to get us a beach house to live in.” …um, yes please;)

-Asking all about “Baby Girl” aka our brand new Kiera Maliha Glaspy.  Will she like his toys, even though they are for boys?  Should he draw her in a dress or a diaper?  Will she make a good wife?  If she came out of Auntie Shannel’s belly, did Jesus escape while it was open?  (I explain a little about Jesus living in our heart, not belly, so no worries there) Mom, when I came out of your belly, did Jesus come out of your heart and help pull me out? (not getting it)  More on Jesus below… And lastly, if Evan drools on “new Baby Girl” or if Gabe pinches her, he will protect her.  *sigh*

-Upon recieving text pics of Jackson eating, “he’s so cute, he likes his food?, I never liked veggies, he has a lot of food in his puffy cheeks…” all the while he has the look like he’s going to gag at any moment.  It’s the same with Evan… he can’t really stomach watching these foodies eat their mushy food:)

-Three days post Uncle Bill Visit, “Mom, I’m not scared of Uncle Bill… I stand FACE to him.” …LOL… I’ll pass on the message.

-“Mom, I’m so excited for Brianne’s birthday!”  Me, “Yay, me too!  I love Brianne!  What are you excited about?”  Luke, “Because after her birthday, its MINE!”  Sorry Bri, I promise to celebrate your life for the both of us;)

-“Mom, if Jesus lives in MY belly, what happens to everybody else?”  Me, ” well, Jesus is special because he can be everywhere at the same time.  And it’s your heart, not your belly.”  Luke, “So you’re saying he can be in my belly AND at McDonalds at the same time?”  A worn down me, “…sigh… kind of.”

-“Mom, my tummy wants me to throw up… will Jesus come out if I do?”

-“Mom, I had a bad dream.”  “I’m sorry baby, want to tell me about it?”  “No, I don’t want you to be scared.  I told Gussy. (mangy stuffed golden retriever lovee)”

-“Lucas, do you need to go potty?”  “Nope.  I’m just checking it.” 

-“I’ve been thinking, can my wife live with us when we grow up?  I wonder who she will be… do you think she will like to eat veggies? I wonder what she’s doing.  I will let my wife sleep with Gussy.  And she can sleep in my room.  I can’t wait to have my wife.”

-“Does GG smile when Papa comes home from work?  Or does she look at him like THIS…” (You’ll have to use your imagination;)

-“Mom,” …I gather enough energy to brace myself… it’s been a looooooonnngggg week…. “you know I love you and I’m never going to leave you.  I’m going to live with you forever.”  And after all of the ups and downs, slips and falls, super duper highs, and the lows that are thankfully few and far between, I cling to this little Mighty-Might and thank God that for now, we will always be together.  And we now have a wii character named Kiera.

March 19, 2011

Oh boy…

Or boys really… rowdy, post stomach bug, teething molars, long week, lost teeth, learning to walk, fighting to talk, morning run, afternoon rut, cry cry cry,  laugh till you cry, dance in the kitchen, splash in the tub, g clogs the toilet, e super clingy, daddy working overtime, mommy working all the time:) TGIF!!!